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9 Reasons Massage is Good for you

1. The Importance Of Touch

Massage therapists have a direct influence on our peripheral nervous systems through their touch.

When the therapist is friendly, has good natural instincts, and the touch is appropriate massage can be a source of safety, comfort, relief, and pleasure.

2. Massage Can Help Manage Stress

When we are under stress, be it through overwork or problems at home our bodies release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to help us deal with to the stress. This reaction can come at unnecessary times or be prolonged - making it harder to relax.

Massage can release two important endorphins Serotonin and Dopamine. These are neurotransmitters that will help calm us down. These are our feel good chemicals.

3. Massage Can Boost Your Immune System

Your body's natural defence system can benefit from getting massaged as well. This should give us a better chance of staying healthy. Massage promotes the functionality of your lymph system. This is how the body remove toxins, potentially harmful bacteria and waste build up. Massage can help this process and keep your body in great working order.

4. Massage Can Help Manage Back Pain

Hours stuck behind a desk can result in back pain and knots. This is a constant irritant for office staff. Massage is the ideal way to iron out those knotted muscles and lower back pain. Thai massage can be especially effective for this

5. Massage Can Help With headaches

Stiff muscles can slow up the flow of blood in the body. This can result in a thumping headache. Massage is a great way to boost blood flow and circulation through our bodies. Which can result in making headaches less frequent and severe.

6. Spice Up Your Love Life

Why not take a massage course with your partner! Being at home with some relaxing music, candles scattered around and some warm almond oil could bring on a whole new meaning to Full Body Massage.

Or book a weekend away somewhere romantic  A bottle of red and some relaxing music........perfect

7. Sleep Soundly

A relaxing massage before bed can help us sleep better. Especially if our sleepless nights are is caused by stress, anxiety or stiff muscles.

A good massage can be just the thing to send you us off to sleep. Sleep alone? Thats ok. Self-massage provides the same stress-busting and sleep-inducing benefits and the best part is that you know exactly the spots that could use a good rubdown!Sleep Soundly

8. Massage Improves Skin Tone

A relaxing face and scalp massage can boost the health of your scalp, hair and facial skin. As a result of this, the face becomes more radiant giving a healthy glow

9. You Deserve it!

The most important reason of all! Massage just feels great

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