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I have visited Elegant Studios many times over the past few years

It's right in the middle of China Town next to Everwell,but has no shop front  You need to go inside the entrance and take the lift to the second floor

You will see this sign on the pavement

When you come out of the lift you turn left and you will see the door to reception

When you go in you will see what a bustling salon it is   Many hairdressing chairs and also nail stations

One thing that does bug me about this place is there is never any soap in the toilets

They don't have a shower that I know of so a quick wash if a warm day would be nice

I have seen many therapists here over the years but it makes sense to review a current one


Tracey from Maylasia

Tracey is (and I know this should make no difference) a very attractive young massage therapist

The rooms at Elegant are looking a bit tired now but they are ok

The massage tables are comfortable and the towels are clean

Its quite a maze of rooms,not sure how many but they are all close together


The first time I saw Tracey she asked me how I liked my massage 

I directed her and she did an excellent job

At all times she was totally professional and delivered an excellent relaxing massage 

I have probably seen her 10 times now which is praise enough

Bo here is also very good

She is Thai

If you are in China Town with 50 minutes to spare you can"t go wrong

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