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Moonflower Spa Earl's Court Gardens

After my visit to Ping for my table shower massage, I saw another spa next door that looked inviting called Moonflower Unisex Spa.Earl's really has a great choice if you are looking for a massage.I had some free time on Thursday and popped in to inquire about their prices and if anyone was available.

I was quite stressed and really fancied a nice soft relaxing massage and was quoted £45 for an hour and that their most qualified therapist Michelle was available as she had just had a last minute cancellation.The receptionist told me I was very lucky as Michelle is booked well up in advance.I paid my £45 and the receptionist lead me downstairs to my room which I must say was much larger than a usual room in one of these establishments.

The receptionist told me to get undressed and cover myself with the towel and that my therapist would be in shortly.The room was very comfortable indeed and there was a shower that I would make use of after my massage.After a short time there was a knock on the door and after I confirmed I was ready Michelle walked in.I was face down so hadn't seen what she looked like.She introduced herself and asked how I would like my massage.I explained my stressful week and she said she would relax me and make me forget all my troubles.From the first oily stroke up my leg, I knew this was going to be a wonderful massage.I could feel the warmth from her hands and I knew I was in for a treat.Michelle used her soft warm hands and forearms with an amazing efficiently, this really was a top class masseuse.At the halfway point when she asked me to turn I had nearly drifted off into a massage induced slumber.When I did turn over I saw that Michelle was a very beautiful Asian girl, she confirmed she was Chinese and the same wonderful soft relaxing massage continued on the front of my body.

This was the massage session that you never want to end.The masseuse's touch was sublime and I could have extended for the whole day such was my enjoyment.Unfortunately, Michelle had another appointment, which was hardly surprising and much to my disappointment are wonderful relaxing session was over.Michelle offered me a hot towel treatment or shower and I opted for the latter which was very clean with a good stream of hot water.I would have to give Michelle and Moonflower 5 stars.


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