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Aromatherapy Oil Massage In London

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is the most popular way to use aromatherapy. The essential oils are added to a carrier oil to dilute and the mixture is then massaged into the skin. An aromatherapy massage will usually last between one hour and 90 minutes and the therapist will question you before your treatment to find out which oils will suit your requirements best.

An aromatherapy oil massage is very relaxing and you will probably find yourself nodding off.

You really get the benefits of both the aromatherapy oils and the massage.Double joysmiley

Good For The Mind?

Massage will almost certainly help to lift mood (being touched is just amazing for our hormones)

This will lead to relaxation which in turn leads to a reduction in stress and improves how we feel about ourselves

 And help reduce all the nervous and psychological tension in our poor bodies

Benefits For The Body?

 Massage stimulates the body’s immune system, protecting itself from illness.

It will help ease muscle tension, leading to a more relaxed you

It will encourage lymphatic drainage(drink lots of water after your massage), helping to reduce fluid and toxin build-up.

It will give your circulation a boost which will, in turn, promote healingyes  

So what are you waiting for?

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