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I was searching the internet the other day looking for an alternative to massage for a relaxation therapy when I came across a website that promoted cuddling as an alternative and holistic health service.I hadn't heard of the treatment before and started doing some quick research.Although not a whole load of information there was enough to pique my interest.

Nordic Cuddle was going to be worth at least an inquiry.This was the information available on their website


Nordic Values are part of our DNA. 

Authenticity and Transparency are key elements that bundle together our mentality towards human connection and safe, non-sexual touch that is meant for everyone.

Nordic Cuddle is on a pioneering mission of resurrecting Touch; whether you would like to cuddle for friendship or therapeutic reasons we are here to be your cuddle buddy.

Non-sexualized touch within a safe, healing space can have profound mental, spiritual, and physical healing powers.

Simple yet beautiful.

Contact us via email or mobile phone  07597765066

We will arrange a free consultation call to personalize the cuddling experience!

Rebekka Mikkola

Founder of Nordic Cuddle 


I sent a text message and was promptly answered by Rebekka.She said an outcall to me was no problem and she briefly outlined the service she provided.

To be honest I wasn't that interested in too much detail and was happy to wait till the appointment and see how things panned out.

She explained that she would like a brief phone call between us at some point before the appointment.This was done without a hitch and the appointment was confirmed.


Rebekka arrived exactly on time and we sat and chatted for a while, which was nice, and then she suggested we begin the cuddle therapy session.

We decided the bedroom would be the most comfortable place and the session began with us standing facing each other.We began by hugging each other and Rebekka suggested we synchronize our breathing.I followed her and we were underway.I must say I was totally surprised as to how comfortable and natural this felt we someone I had only met a few minutes earlier.This lasted for maybe 5 minutes and then Rebekka suggested we get comfortable.Once again I followed her lead and we were soon cuddling each other as if we were best friends.I was happy to wait for Rebekka to take the lead in changing positions and I must say each and everyone felt totally comfortable and relaxing and most importantly relaxing.

The time passed so quickly which I think is a good sign.At the end, we stood and repeated the standing ritual from the beginning of the session.

I cannot recommend this treatment and indeed the therapist highly enough.This is a treatment that I will definitely be repeating.

I can see this catching on!


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