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Nine Lucksa Thai Massage West Kensington

I was driving down North End Road the other day and spotted this new Thai massage spa called Nine Luksa.They have chosen to open in a very competitive massage area.Within a 50meter radius, there are two TCM shops, a Chinese massage spa and a nail salon which offers waxing and massage downstairs.I passed again the other night a with free parking available across the road decided to pop in and inquire about their prices.A very helpful guy gave me a price list and said that they had a special opening offer of £40 for an hours massage with free hot stone treatment.Everything looked very nice so decided to give it a try.

I was taken to the back of the shop, where the toilet and shower are and shown my room.The guy told me to undress and leave underwear on and my therapist would be in shortly.The room was very big with two massage couches so great for a relax with partner or friend.There was also a hot towel machine in the room.I got undressed down to underwear and lay down and covered myself with the big soft towel that was on my couch.Shortly after there a knock at the door and a female voice after me if I was ready.I told her I was and she entered the room and introduced herself as Som and asked me if I had any problem areas.I told her my lower back was quite sore and she said she would do her best to make my problem better.

Som began by getting a small hot towel from the warmer and cleaning my feet, then she got into her warm-up technique.This didn't last long and she was soon on the table walking on my back.She cracked different points on my back three or four times which I haven't had for a while and really loosened me up.After this Som continued on the table working up and down my back with her hands and elbows over the towel.Shes very strong indeed and has great technique.She then got off the table to fetch some oil.Ok know for the softer relax part I think to myself.Wrong! Som continues in the same strong manner using her hands, forearms, and elbows.Then the hot stones are applied and this really does feel great.Then back to more stretching this time the legs which I can feel is stretching my lower back.I would say 50 minutes was spent on the back after which I was asked to turn and a flannel was placed across my eyes.With the pressure which had been exerted I was expecting to see someone sumo like but Som was very slim.More leg stretches on the front really did the trick and Som finished with a hot towel to remove the little oil that she had used.

I was left to get dressed and found a glass of water waiting for me in the reception area.Will I go back?Oh yes, this was a great find.The guy asked me If I had enjoyed my massage and was very pleased that I was impressed.He bid me goodnight with a warm handshake and I was on my way feeling a whole lot better than when I walked in.A great massage in a nice atmosphere.


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