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Category Women, Based in Pimlico / Victoria, Nationality European

My name is Lila. I am a feminine self-confident European masseuse with 15 years of experience dealing with the needs and wellbeing of my clients.
As a professional certified masseuse, I have a variety of unique features that makes me different from my competitors and attracts my clients.
My memorable Relaxing Bespoke massage is a sensual mixture of techniques using Deep Tissue, followed by Swedish, Aromatherapy massage movements, using fingertip touch, super long strokes , slowly concluding in a physical and mental relief.
Done with high quality scented organic oils, it promotes deep muscle, tissue relaxation, circulation and reduces stress while helping relieve mental and physical fatigue.
Swedish or Deep Tissue massage 45 min. - A classic traditional muscle massage.
Relaxing massage.
Monday to Saturday - 10 am to 7 pm
Please call in a social hours. Calls before 8 am and after 8pm will not be accepted.
I guarantee you a confidentiality.
I will NOT answer private numbers.

Relaxing Full Body Oil Massage
Stress Relief Massage
Aromatherapy Massage London
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Full Body Massage

Price Information

Massage Fees:

1 hour ------ Relaxing massage £150

90 min. -------Relaxing massage £200

1 hr.-------- Swedish or Deep Tissue massage £100

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