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Four-handedMassage on offer for a limited time. Book time to repair and pamper!

I am Ali. Touch is a seed named HEALING, every time you receive it, it becomes bountiful. My massage stimulates body, mind, the emotional centre and spirit together. A safe space of non-judgemental intimacy is offered which allows you to feel your most authentic.

The massage is based on my interpretation of Tantra; weaving of multiple energies to create a balance. Evolved from observing and understanding of energy/chi having experienced a variety of healing, relaxing and soothing massage.

I work intuitively to deliver the healing gift of touch. Energetic heart connection allows to work with your emotional body, to reawaken senses and realign energies. A special communication takes place between my hands as a giver and the body which receives the touch. Its done with gentle sensuality and pressure to de-armour.

Never put off your massage until tomorrow if you can get it today.

Relaxing Full Body Oil Massage
Stress Relief Massage
Aromatherapy Massage

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It's a slow, gentle and deeply relaxing massage. I work on a massage table, in a dedicated therapy room, warm, soothing music and incense. First time takes longer to get to know you. Massage can be draped or undraped, as you wish. I use pure fractionated coconut oil. Pls shower before you arrive. There is facility to park.

20% OFF on 90 minutes and over for Students and OAP's

MONDAY-SUNDAY between 10 AM TO 10 PM
60 mins £60
90 mins £80
120 mins £100

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