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Metta Massage



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I give a strong, therapeutic and intimate massage, drawing my inspiration from Eastern schools, particularly Thai Yoga massage, in which I am trained. Accupressure and stretching are involved, the intensity can be tailored to suit you. I use my hands, arms, feet and sometimes my full body weight to leave you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. You can visit my warm, candlelit room in South London or I can come to you.
I'm a mature, relaxed, friendly guy who simply loves making people feel good. Give it a try. Call the number above or email me at

Metta Massage

Price Information

Metta massage can be given almost anywhere, making it suitable for home, hotels and the workplace. The treatment is traditionally done on a futon type mat on the floor. No oil is used so you don't need to strip off (unless you want to) and you won't look like a drowned rat afterwards!
The cost per treatment is £50
Please allow ninety minutes for the full massage (I can do shorter).
Call or email me.
Please note I don't answer 'withheld number' calls.

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