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Category Men, Based in Paddington, Nationality Latino

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Hello there. I'm Henry, a strong, stocky 24-year-old with a Latin background and an open-minded, adventurous spirit. If I were to fit into any physical category, it would be 'jock'. Once you see me you'll probably agree. I have several years' experience as a fully trained masseur and you can benefit from each of them. I'll bring you every bit of pleasure and release you've been looking for. There's a soothing and depth to what I do and I endeavour to make a genuine connection with my clients, whose pleasure is my greatest reward. You'll think it can't get any better, but it's about to - because then I'll smear warm oil over your body, rubbing it thoroughly in so that when I begin the body treatment, every single sensation is maximised. I'll use my gym-built arms to balance as I glide above you in a figure-of-eight formation. My hard, palms will begin to journey into you, with pressure applied just where you like it.

Price Information

1 hour soothing £120 (Using arms and hands to apply a swedish deep tissue massage)
90 mins £190

Body massage (Swedish/Deep tissue massage, followed by a soothing massage and body massage)
1 hour: £150
90 mins: £220
120 mins: £300

Tantric massage (Swedish/deep tissue massage, Soothing massage, Body massage and breathing rituals, holding positions, clearing of energy fields)
1 hour: £210
90 mins: £300
120 mins: £400

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