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10 Keys To Being Successful With Women

The perfect man from the point of view of a modern woman is a charismatic handsome, intellectual millionaire who dreams about making his wife and children happy. This set of qualities can substituted only with a sense of humor combined with a high and justified self-esteem.

So what can help you become successful with women?

1. Charisma vs Beauty

Alain Delon, Richard Gere, George Clooney, Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law - women love handsome men like these actors. At the same time, they love Jean-Paul Belmondo, Al Pacino, Adriano Celentano, Serge Gainsbourg, Vincent Cassel, Eddie Redmayne, Adrian Brody, and Benedict Cumberbatch, who are far from the canons of beauty. Their secret weapon is their extraordinary charisma. Their look, smile, voice, and manners make them super attractive.

Women say that one of the ideals of a man and even the subject of their erotic fantasies is the hero of Anne and Serge Golon’s novels about Angelica – Count Geoffrey de Peyrak – a cripple with a large scar on his face but an incredibly charismatic man. Robber Hossein, who played the count in the movie, recalled that after the premiere, women rushed to him in the streets to embrace...

The key thing here is that handsome men are often considered narcissistic, so women prefer dating charismatic ones.

2. Masculinity

Have you ever heard that women love military men? A military man is associated primarily with masculinity, strength, and courage. (Well, now there are enough other “masculine” jobs where these qualities are required.) As men love feminine women, women love courageous, strong-will and self-confident men. They think such a man will make them feel safe because he is always ready to protect and take responsibility for his family. Psychologists say that for the same reason many women like bearded men.

At the same time, there are plenty of women who prefer refined and elegant men. Besides, strong men with huge muscles and steel eyes rarely demonstrate strong character.

3. Security

Men do not like when women love them for their money. Although psychologists claim that in a bed with a rich man, a woman feels more pleasure than a poor man, and the size of his penis in her subconscious increases in proportion to the status of his car.

What do women say about their increased attention to rich men? Are they ready to live with the unloved diamonds and luxury lifestyle?

According to our survey, women want to be confident in their tomorrow. Wealthy men guarantee this safe tomorrow. Thus, women do not need to worry about accommodation, children’s education and health, etc.

If a man manages to build his business (not steal but build), he has a wise head, is intelligent, hardworking and knows how to set goals and achieve them. And even if he fails, he will return everything thanks to his intelligence and perseverance.

According to women, a man is ashamed to be poor because it means he is either stupid or lazy. Such men, realizing that they are losers, become either pretentious creatures without self-respect or, on the contrary, spiteful and aggressive, who work out their complexes on women.

4. Generosity

Generosity does not presuppose thoughtless spending. However, women do hate greedy and petty men who pinch pennies. At the beginning of relationships, such men are difficult to determine because we do not want to notice many shortcomings when we are in love. After a while, we ask ourselves, “How could I not see it coming?”

A man chronically “forgets” his bank card in another jacket, forcing a woman to pay; bargains when buying flowers and gifts buy not what she likes but what is cheaper – these are signs that he is a miser-man.

Remember the following statement: the more a man invests in a woman, the more he values her.

5. Intelligence

Intellectual men and developmental abilities bribe women. Psychologists believe that this is because their subconscious tells them: this man has good genes, he understands much, can find a way out of any situation and solves any problem. It is easier to survive next to such a man, and it's more comfortable to live with one.

Curiously, their observations showed that the marriage ads of men, indicating their higher education degrees, are more popular among women.

6. Sense of humour

A friend with a sad face complains that he failed to find a girlfriend – they all leave him, calling him a bore. On dating sites, he uses single ladies online to look for men with a sense of humour. “I'm not an entertainer”, he says. The thing is that his excessively serious attitude towards life frightens potential girlfriends.

To have a sense of humour does not mean laughing all the time and telling jokes. It means to be able to understand other people's jokes, catch the comic of some situation, be capable of self-irony. People with a sense of humour are smiling, benevolent, easy to trust and pleasant, unlike those who make tragedy from every little thing.

The lack of a sense of humour is associated with a decreased emotional level and insufficient intellectual development.

7. Humanity

Humanity is called the highest virtue of man, without which we are only animals. Many women talk about humanity as the most important trait of a man's character. It is based on a respectful and benevolent attitude to people and to everything living, the ability to empathize and sympathize, understand and love, and be generous and sincere.

The antonym of “humanity” is “cruelty”. Some women like cruelty and rudeness, but this is pathology, and it's a path to a mental institution.

8. Being neat

Women do not like untidy men who do not take care of their appearance, who do not care what they are wearing. Dirty hair, dishevelled face, dirty old shoes, an unpleasant odour from the mouth, and dirty clothing can cause in some women a maternal instinct and a desire to wash such a man, but certainly not sexual feelings.

9. Self-confidence, high self-esteem

It is unnatural for a man to be insecure and screwed up. He can be a good person, but if he is clamped and insecure – this is bad. And no other positive qualities, nor expensive clothes will help him. He will be treated as a man of the lower caste; people will avoid him, and his company will be considered as unrewarding.

Nothing increases a man's self-esteem better than doing something he loves. At all times, the job served as the best support for men.

10. Self-restraint

It is the ability to control one's words and deeds, the ability to behave, not to go emotionally. (Do not confuse it with emotional coldness). Restrained men do not act impulsively; they think before they act. Therefore, their words have strength and weight, and they do not regret what was done. They are reliable as they do what they promise.

Such men are not chatty. You can share something personal and be sure that your secrets will stay yours and not public. “Silence is golden” is a motto which makes men successful with women.

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