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Hows Massage In The Philippines? And can I get one in London

The Philippine islands are rightly famous for their miles of sandy beaches and incredibly friendly people who will welcome you with a smile anywhere they meet you. What the islands are not yet so well known for is the massage industry. The only time the Philippine massage industry has hit the headlines recently was when a zoo there began to offer the rather unusual python massage. For several years, the four giant Burmese pythons at Cebu city zoo have been allowed to provide a free massage for willing visitors. The four snakes, over 16 feet long, have a combined weight of over 550 lbs. For more than 10 minutes, the pythons glide slowly over the visitor's limbs, providing a therapeutic and calming effect while their flickering tongues mimic a tingling, tickling sensation on the skin. To ensure the safety of all visitors, each snake is fed at least ten chickens to take the edge off their appetite before they are allowed to offer a massage to anyone. 

While python massage may sound like a fun experience for visitors searching for the exotic most visitors to the Philippines, prefer to enjoy a more traditional massage experience. Right now, a quality massage experience is easier to find as massage grows in the Philippines. Relaxing in a spa and enjoying a soothing massage is becoming a popular way to unwind for a growing number of Philippine middle-class professionals. With new spa businesses opening every week across the Philippines, it is becoming difficult to keep track of the best places to enjoy a massage experience there. The new businesses appear to have no problem finding customers. Most spa businesses are growing through customer recommendations and word-of-mouth. However, as this is the tech-savvy Philippines, an increasing number also choose to advertise online and reach out the stressed business professionals while they are working online.


Who is a typical massage customer?
Massage is growing so fast in the Philippines as, for many Filipinos, it is a relatively new concept. There is not a long history of massage in other countries in the region, such as Thailand but the growth of massage in the Philippines has been fuelled by a growing middle class with enough disposable income to take advantage of a relaxing spa experience.
Many of these customers are young professionals seeking to unwind after spending 15 hours hunched over their laptops. What better way to get rid of that pinched feeling that develops between the shoulder blades and across the lower back than to spend some time in the hands of a qualified massage therapist?

What's on offer?
The range of services you can find at a spa or massage parlour in the Philippines will vary depending on the establishment. Options will probably start with a basic dry massage from around 300 Pesos for an hour. Most of the massage staff will try to encourage you to move beyond that and become a little more adventurous by trying some of the various oil massages on offer. You will also find the more exotic options, including Thai massages and massage choices using glass jars, river rocks, and candles readily available in many massage parlours.
While massage may be the primary attraction for customers, most spa businesses extend their offering beyond good massage and like to encourage you to sample their complete range of health and wellness therapies and beauty treatments. Their professionally trained staff like to build an ongoing professional relationship with their clients and ensure you can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle in between visits to their spa or parlour. Yamachu is a spa facility in Manilla that claims to have all the amenities that will assure you a day of relaxation and escape from the harsh realities of your wife. Oops, life. It is here that you can detoxify, seek rejuvenation, and refresh your beaten and weary body. A day spent in their facilities will recharge your body to fully take on challenges once again. Sounds worth a visit

Is this your first massage?
One thing that every visitor to the Philippines notices is the friendliness of the people. They are experts at putting visitors at their ease and helping you to relax, whatever the circumstances. Suppose you are familiar with the world of massage. In that case, you will have no difficulties walking into the massage parlour and explaining exactly what you need. Still, if this is your first time, it can be a little intimidating, especially if you are not sure what you need to ask for or what will happen inside. It is at this point that the natural friendliness of the people gives them an edge. When you walk into a Philippine massage parlour, a friendly Filipina will soon be able to relax you; all you need to do is lie down and let her get to work, relieving the tension in your aching muscles.
It won't be long before you feel the tenseness flow through your body as the oils are massaged into your skin. By the time the therapist has finished working on your body, you will be in a completely relaxed state and ready to take on the world again.

Enjoy the Philippines closer to home. 
For those London residents who cannot make it across to the Philippines to enjoy the benefits of a massage, it is still possible to enjoy the sensation of a soothing therapeutic massage from the hands of a beautiful Filipina. The Philippines has exported many qualified professionals worldwide, and London has its fair share of highly skilled Filipino massage therapists working here. Glancing through any massage directory or guide should show you the closest location to your home where you can enjoy the benefits of their work. From Camden to Chingford and Mayfair to Marylebone, you will find Filipinas massage therapists more than happy to massage away your weariness and apply invigorating oils to your aching muscles. With their warm, friendly smiles and skilled hands, you know that you will soon be feeling refreshed and prepared for your next challenge. Why not give Philippine massage a try and see what a Filipino massage therapist can do for your body and mind? Earl's Court, in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is the centre of London's Filipino community It has the highest concentration of Filipino stores and restaurants anywhere in the UK and Health in Hogarth Road has had Phillipino masseuse of the highest order. So this could be a good place to start.

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