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Post Flight Massage in London

A long flight plays havoc with your body

Sat in a small seat with not much legroom,not knowing what time of day or night it is, drying out like a prune, having the loudest crying baby in the seat next to you

Jetlag affects your whole physiology including cortisol levels, which in turn will  affect how your body functions

Just arrived at Heathrow? Ankles puffed up and head throbbing?

You need a Post Flight Massage


We spotted this advert and decided to give it a try

Thai Remedy is a relatively new company that is offering an out-call service

We were lucky as they had a therapist nearby who had just finished treatment and she was with us within 30 mins

The massage lasted 90 Minutes and started using deep tissue Thai techniques

I found this very relaxing indeed, especially around the neck and shoulders

Lower back and hips next which nearly had me nodding off and then onto the legs and puffy ankles

I really could feel the circulation returning to my body and felt great

I was advised to drink a lot of water and have a healthy meal

The therapist used sweet almond oil which I found nice

It didn't stay on my skin like some cheap mineral oils, and my skin felt rehydrated afterwards

Well done Thai Remedy  a great service yes

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