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Thai Manee Massage Finchley Central

Today I was in Finchley Central, which is a rarity, and I walked past this very well appointed Thai massage spa.I went in and asked for a price and service list and said I may pop back later.The front of the spa had some big comfy leather chairs and some girls were doing manicures.It looked a very welcoming place indeed.I finished what I had to do quite quickly and I had some time to spare so thought I would return to the spa and see if they had availability which, after some checking appointment books, they did.
I choose the one-hour option and paid the receptionist £45.I was given a questionnaire type form to fill in and on.One of the questions was "are there any areas you wished not to be massaged?"I don't really like a head massage so I entered head and feet, which I prefer massaged on their own.The receptionist led me towards the back of the shop and showed me my room and where the toilet was.The room was very nice indeed, very large with two massage couches, the couples room the receptionist explained.She instructed me to remove my top and trousers and to leave my underwear on.

I hung up my clothes and got comfy, and waited.After about 5 minutes the receptionist returned to tell me my therapist would be delayed by about ten minutes and would I like a different therapist to do the ten minute warm up.I hadn't been here before so had no idea who was more skilled so I agreed.Not a great start but sometimes these happen.
Anyway, a further 5 minutes and my warm up girl enters.Her name is Suzy and she asked me if I had any areas I would like focus on?I told her my lower back and she got to work.The massage table was electric so very good for the therapist's posture.I must say I was very impressed with her skill and to be honest didn't want her to be swapped.Anyway shortly after there was a tap on the door and in came Vivian.

A brief exchange in Thai and then Vivian got to work.Her style of massage was very different to Wat Po but it was nonetheless very enjoyable indeed.Must say I'm not a big fan of wearing underwear for a massage.I was covered the whole time with a towel so don't really see the need.Vivian started using pressure over the towel and then applies lashings of oil for the second half.Top marks for Vivian for a very professional Thai massage.Only one small thing.Vivian started to massage my feet and also my head, both to which I asked her to move to another area which she did with no fuss.I guess maybe they were a bit rushed but still.That's only a small criticism.I could have easily stayed another hour or three.At the end of the massage, I was offered a shower or hot towel and tea or water. and opted for the latter on both counts.

It's a shame I don't get this way often as I would definitely return.A very nice place with friendly staff, who by the way all wore the same uniform which is a nice touch.Thai Manee is well worth a visit in my humble opinion.

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