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Ying Thai Massage Spa KIng's Cross London

I saw this place on a Sunday, and by chance, there was a parking spot right outside the door. During the week it would be tough to get somewhere to park nearby so public transport would be a good bet. I could see the price menu from the window, and it was £50 for an hour. I went in and asked the receptionist if they had someone free, and she said in ten minutes. I said OK and told her I would go to the cash machine and come back. Customers were having their nails done upstairs and stairs leading downstairs, so I guessed that's where the massage rooms would be. On the other side of the road going back towards King's Cross station was a Tesco with a cash machine. This end of Caledonian Road seems to be undergoing a lot of regeneration. Many empty shops and a lot of new businesses.A lot safer looking than many years ago.

Anyway, back to Ying Thai, I paid the receptionist, and she asked me to follow her downstairs. There were a few chairs, and she told me to take off my shoes and put their flip-flops on, and my therapist would be with me soon and begin by washing my feet. They had two 'sinks' for foot washing. My therapist appeared and introduced herself as Sonia, and beckoned me to sit above the sink. She filled it with warm water and told me to check the temperature was OK. Then she donned a pair of pink marigolds, gave both feet an excellent clean scrub, and dried off with a towel. This was a perfect beginning to the massage.

Sonia then showed me to my room. I noticed a small sauna that was not on but instead used as a storeroom for towels. Why install a sauna and not bother to use it? It beats me, it's a great place to kill 20/30 minutes if they are busy and you need to wait for a therapist. Anyway, my room was very nice, and I noticed they had parallel bars fixed to the ceiling for back walking. Sonia told me to get undressed and leave my underwear on, and she would be back soon. Sonia soon returned and asked how I would like my massage. I opted for a medium as I had quite a good going over at Nine Lucksa. Sonia was very chirpy and started with the obligatory warm-up. This morphed into some stretching and then the oil part of the massage. Her massage was more relaxing than therapeutic, and twice, my whole body twitched, and I nearly nodded off. She finished off with hot towels to wipe off the minimal oil. I had noticed a shower room on the way down. This place looks relatively tiny outside, but downstairs is quite a warren. The shop has a good atmosphere, and I would return to try another therapist. This is a real traditional Thai place, a little gem.

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