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Classy Nails Spa & Beauty Thai Massage Finchley Road Tube Station

Finchley Road has a lot of choices for the massage connoisseur, including the only 24-hour massage spa I know of and Chinese TCM shops, one of which is well-known for its diversity and unconventional treatments.

Behind the O2 centre is a huge car park and also cash machines for the supermarket.

I'm unsure if you need to make a supermarket purchase or just a time limit on your stay, as I went on a Sunday, and parking outside was fine. Parking would be tough on weekdays without this option, given the bus lanes and limitations on parking for non-residents.

Classy Nails, as expected, had many women customers getting their manicures and pedicures done. I paid my £40 and was shown downstairs to the massage area. I asked where the toilet was, and the girl pointed back upstairs.

So back upstairs, past all the women to the toilet, then after freshening up, back down to my room. The room was an ok size and level of comfort. It had one of those mood lights and some music.

I undressed and lay down, and my therapist was back in a few minutes knocking on the door to ensure I was ready.

She came into the room and introduced herself as Lisa. She began the massage without oil using stretching and warming-up techniques, which were very well done. Then after I was thoroughly stretched, she began with the oil part of the massage, which was very well executed.

Lisa was thorough and got all the knots from all my nooks and crannies. A very thorough full, body Thai massage that I would give a 7/10
The price at this shop is very good and the rooms comfortable. I will return and maybe have a pedicure as well. Those chairs look so comfortable.
Classy Nails gets a big thumbs up from me.yesyes

I had a stroll around after and found this place which was closed and this one which was so busy. Two to try in the future, I think.

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