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Thai Harmony Massage Spa Goodge Street

Thai Harmony is situated at the east end of Goodge Street near the junction with Tottenham Court Road, close to Goodge Street station. Sunday is my favourite day for a massage as the parking is relatively easy to find and, best of all, free. I managed to park outside the nearby Tesco, which had a handy cash machine. I hadn't made an appointment and went in and asked if anyone was available. Three people were massaging their feet in the shop, and the foot massage chairs looked very comfortable. I was told that a therapist would be available in 30 minutes, so I said to book myself in and I would return half an hour later. There are several massage shops in this part of town, but this is the only Thai one. I went for a bit of window shopping and made my way back.


The people having their feet done had gone, and I was asked to wait a few minutes and offered a seat in one of the comfy-looking foot massage chairs. Very nice indeed, and I thought about switching my treatment, but my aching back reminded me why I was there. I paid £50 for the hour, which was good. I have noticed that many Thai spas in London have upped their prices to £65 for an hour which seems a lot as if a first-time visit, you have no idea of the quality of staff. While I was waiting, a guy and then a lady came in on the off chance of an appointment and were told in two hours. This seems like a busy place. My therapist came from downstairs and introduced herself as Bobbi. She was dressed in all black, as were the other staff I saw earlier, which must be the spa uniform that looks professional. Bobbi ushered me to the back of the shop, where I noticed the toilets and into our therapy room. The room was a good size and had a shower which is always nice if needed. Boobi left me to undress, and I got comfortable and waited for her return. Soft background music, nicely dimmed lights, and the room was the perfect temperature—a good start.


Bobbi asked what pressure I would like, and seeing as she was very petite, I opted for relaxing and avoiding my neck. I do suffer from time to time from neck problems, and I have found that massage can make things worse and that painkillers with ibuprofen and codeine and time are the best cure. My massage started in the time-honoured way of a large towel covering the whole body and the warming techniques. Then the towel was moved to cover my lower body, and Bobbi started with the relaxing oil massage. And what a lucky guy I was. She had the most beautiful dainty soft hands, and I was in relaxation massage heaven. For the whole hour, I was in that not awake yet not asleep state. Just totally and completely relaxed. After my hour, Bobbi used a hot towel to take the oil off my body and left me to dress.

In summary, Thai Harmony was an excellent choice for me. The price was reasonable, as were the facilities and the masseuse. I will go back and quite fancy trying the four hands massage here and having a body scrub. Top marks!

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