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Ginkgo is located very close to Great Portland Street or Warren Street tube stations

It can be found at 98 Cleveland Street

The Chinese community in London very highly regards it for the skill and knowledge of the two Chinese doctors that work here

I visited here maybe two years ago for a lower back treatment and the results were excellent

So with my now quite severe pain just below the hip, I knew exactly where to go

After sitting for a while, for example, when driving I found when I tried to walk the pain was severe, and I couldn't walk without having to limp

I met with the male Doctor and he took my pulse and blood pressure and asked me about my diet and work, sleep etc

I explained my problem, and we went to the treatment room

The doctor told me to take off my trousers and lay down face up on the treatment table 

He inserted 7 needles into my thigh, and this is painless

Then he put an infrared lamp in place over my thigh and left me for 30 minutes

He put some very soothing Chinese music on, and with that and the heat of the lamp I was very comfortable indeed

After 30 minutes he came back and gave my leg a very thorough massage

I left feeling great and very hungry and spotted this restaurant next door

After I had finished, I got up to walk out and pain

I went back a week later for another session, and the problem was sorted completely as of now has never returned

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