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Advertising with Massage Me In London

Massage Me In London first went online in late April 2015.This was our first advert and the advertiser has advertised with us ever since and her business has flourished.

We have four categories for advertisers.

Men  9,711
Women 16,995
Transgendered 12,228
Spas 1,037

Viewer Stats & Figures

Listed next to the category are the viewing stats for the last 30 days, someone who specifically clicked on a category rather than an individual advert.

As you can see spas are not a greatly viewed category so bear this in mind when posting your ad.

The nearby feature we added recently has been a big success and has had 1,118 views in the last thirty days.

Which ad should you choose?

So you have decided which category you want to place your advert now you need to decide whether to go for the free ad or featured advert option. If you choose a free ad this will be initially listed at the top of the free ads section and then gradually fall as new ads are placed.

You do have one free bump every 7 days, or you can purchase single bumps or unlimited bumps. If you choose a featured ad, you will be listed at the top or bottom of the site on a rotation basis in a featured listing.

Featured ads do get a lot more views. The most viewed ad has had 4,726 views in the last month. This is a real spike from normal. The second most popular has 2,424. This is a more realistic figure to work from. The highest-viewed free ad in the last 30 days has 1,109 views.

Rules when creating ads on Massage Me In London

We have rules regarding ads. Have a look through our Terms and Conditions. If you pay for an ad and it doesn't fall within our terms, we won't keep your money and not publish your advert. We will edit it for you so it falls within our terms and post it.

Our website has a lot of traffic. We have just under 200,000 page views per month and under 28,000 users.

Take your time when creating your ad

When you come to composing your advert, it is very important to take your time and give as much information about your massage service and skill level and your prices. The single most important thing about your advert is your photo. You can put five photos, and they can include your face.

Don't put a photo of someone else. Customers aren't stupid they will use Google images or tin eye and see you are fake, and then they are likely to think your service level will be in question and not book. The most viewed ads are the most informative and with real photos.

If you are doing outcalls let people know and if you have quiet times in the day why not give your customers a special offer?

Everything you choose to do can have a big impact on your business.

So there you have a small insight into our stats and how we work. We want you to build a great business by advertising with us, and if you need any help or advice, you can always contact us.

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