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Everything you need to know about placing an ad.

Everything you need to know about placing an ad!

Our directory is strictly for professional therapists and spas in London areas, and placing an ad in our directory couldn't be any easier.

Firstly, signup to our website and remember to store your username and password in a safe and secure place for future reference.

Log in and select Place an ad, enter your details, and describe the massage service you are offering and your location, if you do outcalls and your opening times and prices.

The more information you provide will give potential customers a better understanding of you and the services you are offering, increasing the chance of being contacted.

Images are important; they set the scene for your ad graphically, you can upload up to 5 pictures and this is where you should do your best to make the effort to post some interesting images.

Don’t upload photos of people you found online or suggestive images. If you do, it will be picked up, and either the images will be deleted or the ad declined.

After all the information about your ad has been completed, you will have several choices to make regarding which type you would like.

At the moment, the most viewed ad gets just over 2,000 unique page views a month, and the highest free ad receives, on average, 700 unique page views a month.

Featured ads make a big difference and will soon be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages and any other social media platforms we plan to use.

Pay for your ad with our online payment options: bank transfer or PayPal. Alternatively, you can contact us here for other options for payment.

If you pay and post an inappropriate advert, we won't refuse your ad and keep your money we will edit it so it meets our terms and conditions.


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