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Fantasia Massage Charing Cross Road

I was in Foyles today looking for a particular book, and to my delight, it was in stock. On leaving, I noticed a TCM-style shop called Fantasia. Charing Cross Road runs between Trafalgar Square and Oxford St.At the Charing Cross Road end; you are very close to Zangri-La and Oxford Street there are several massage options.

Charing Cross Road is famous for its booksellers though their numbers are dwindling now, and of course, the Palace Theatre.

The price was £25 for 30 minutes and £45 for an hour, which is probably the only spa in the area still at this price. Most being now £30 for half an hour and £50 for the hour.I had been told my therapist was Chinese, which was fine with me, and I was in the first room on the right, which had a wide massage table and a sink and a very long mirror.

Like nearly all the rooms in spas of this type, there isn't much room. Still, I guess it must be very expensive to lease a shop in Central London, and they need to maximise their use of space, and although the room was small, it was perfectly fit for purpose and comfortable with some nice background music.

My therapist knocked on the door, and I told her I was ready. She was very chirpy and introduced herself as Susan in quite a high-pitched voice which made me chuckle. She was very smartly dressed and looked more like a young Chinese model than a massage therapist. Anyway, the massage began, and Susan was very competent indeed.

It was nice to be able to see her doing her stuff in the mirror; she did put a lot of effort in. Susan started with some good use of pressure on my back and legs and then used some oil for some more relaxing strokes. She was quite chatty and gave me a really thorough full-body oil massage. I was offered a shower, but having quite dry skin, I'm happy to leave the oil to soak in. Susan left the room and came back with some water, and I was also given a loyalty card which is stamped when you visit, and the eighth visit is free.

I must say I left very happy indeed!

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