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Health Massage in Earl's Court

Health is a massage spa in Kenway Road, Earl's Court

I visited at the beginning of July

I didn't make an appointment and hoped they had a therapist free

Lucky for me, they did

I paid £48 for an hour and was shown downstairs by an accommodating receptionist.

I was offered water and a shower

The massage room was relatively small but ok

The massage table was covered with clean paper and was  very comfortable

I undressed and covered myself with the towel provided 

There was a knock on the door asking if I was ready, and on confirmation, my therapist entered

She introduced herself as Katie and was from China

She asked if I had any problem areas and what pressure I would like 

I told her my lower back was quite painful, so that I would like strong there and a medium pressure on the rest of my body

There was soft music in the room, which was nice


Katie, I must say, is one of the most congenial therapists I have encountered

Her skill was excellent, and I left feeling so so relaxed

Ongoing the receptionist informed me they have much staff from all over the world



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