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Tantalizing Massage in Victoria, SW1

Tantalising Massage Salon is in Denbigh St SW1 just off Warwick Way.

They have a board outside which advertises massage for £25 for 30 mins and £40 for an hour. I don't know if this changes depending on how busy they are.
Anyway, I was pushed for time and opted for 30 minutes, which I soon discovered was a big mistake. crying

I was taken downstairs and shown my room, which was a good size and the massage table was set very high. I undressed and lay down covering myself with the purest white and very fluffy towel.


Tantalising Massage Salon is in Denbigh St SW1

There was a knock at the door, and my therapist entered. Her name was Ami, and she was from Malaysia, and I must say was very well presented. The massage began with no oil just her using pressure all over the back of my body.

I must say this was a delight, not too hard or soft just perfect, Ami was a real star. Then Ami used some oil to great effect with long flowing strokes and some more pressure work.

Then a hot towel was used on my back, and I was asked to turn. More of the same on the front, and how I wish I had time for the hour.

Ami was a real breath of fresh air, and I will return for an hour very soon. I was offered a shower, but the hot towel work by Ami made this unnecessary.


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