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Massage In Soho

Was taking a stroll through Soho towards Chinatown to get some lunch when I spotted a newly opened massage spa

At the Shaftesbury Avenue end of Frith Street is Meg Star Beauty

In the window they had a "£30 for today only 1 hours massage" sign

I went in and asked the receptionist if they had anyone free and lucky for me they did

I paid my £30 and was taken downstairs

This spa used to be a betting shop and still has the disabled chair lift in place so handy if your not to good with stairs

I was shown to my room and told to undress,I looked around but could see no where to hang my clothes or even a chair to sit down on to take off my shoes

I guess being so new they are gradually going to add these essentials

There was a nice looking shower and sink with liquid soap and a nice clean towel for me to cover myself with

I also noticed the oil was baby oil!   Anyway I undressed and lay down on the massage table which was ok,not that well padded but ok

My therapist was a well built Chinese lady who introduced herself as Lola  She looked like she could deliver a strong massage!

Lola set about me with with gusto and delivered a very good strong,firm but relaxing massage

This included a head massage for the last ten minutes which had me nodding off

I am sure they will soon have chairs in the rooms and someone to hang your clothes

I noticed maybe 5 rooms downstairs and some were completely empty so I guess they are gradually fitting them out

Downstairs is a lot bigger that you would imagine from what you can see upstairs

They have the comfy chairs to do foot massage on down here

Be interesting to see what they fix their prices at when the opening offer is finished

This is a competitive area for massage with most places charging £50 for the hour  The shop is new so will have novelty factor

I will go back in a month see how things are then but for £30 can't grumble

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