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This time of year is stressful for most people, and I am no exception. So last night, I had a yearning for some relaxation and distress.

I found the mobile massage booking company through Google, and their website is very user-friendly.

I am often multi-tasking, and I don't find it convenient to talk to human beings. I much prefer online booking systems so I can do other things t the same time.

MMB has an online chat function which I found very efficient. I browsed their therapist's portfolio and liked the feedback on Sia.

I used the chat function to ask if she was free that evening.

I was asked what time I wanted, and this was confirmed as to be available.

I was asked to provide my address and phone number and confirm my booking time. I did this, and my booking was texted to me.

I opted for 90 mins at £75 which seemed the best value for this company. They are expensive compared to their competitors but not overly so.

Sia arrived right on time which I like. I know in London it can be very difficult with traffic and public transport to arrive anywhere on time so when it goes to plan it is appreciated.

I was asked the pressure I would like and if there were any problem areas, and I told Sia, who is Romanian, that I needed a full body relaxing massage.No pain, just relaxation, and that is exactly what I got.

Sia has amazing warm soft hands just made for massage, and the 90 minutes flew by.

Sia has a wonderful attitude and is a credit to the company she works for. They are very blessed to have such a star therapist.

I will hopefully be booking again very soon!!


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