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The Benefits of Modern Massage Therapies

If you believe that massage therapy is only involved in our modern society, it will be interesting to denote that massage treatment has been around for thousands of years. Massage techniques have been documented in some countries as early as 3000 BC. People have been treating a variety of ailments with massage services, and over the years, a lot of different massage styles have evolved.

With more than 80 different massage styles available, it’s easy to find a solution to various health issues and ailments. But massages are not only meant to treat an existing condition – it’s also a great way to relax, unwind and feel rejuvenated.

The Origin of Massage

It is believed that the first recorded discussions about massages came from China and Egypt around 3,000 BC. Dutchman Johan Georg Mezger took this system and defined its basic hand strokes to slightly modernise it as we use it today.

In the early 1800s, the ‘Swedish Movement System’ was developed by Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling, and it was seen as the foundation for Swedish massage therapy as we commonly know it today. This is also among the most commonly used massage practices in the West today, along with the practice of Shiatsu.

The potential for growth in massage therapies is enormous since it offers a lot of promise in terms of healing properties. Since being introduced to the Western world, it has gained great momentum during the last five decades, and the public demand for massage therapies is now more than ever.

Modern Massage Therapies

Modern massage therapies are being used in nursing homes, hospitals, and even birthing centres. It is also used in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics to help manage pain and improve patients’ circulation. It’s a highly effective, natural method of pain management.

More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of massage therapy. This is especially true among baby boomers, who choose from many massage therapies to relieve pain or a specific health issue. It is used to promote overall well-being, and there are a wide variety of massage therapy options you can choose from.

A Swedish massage is one of the most popular types in London. This style involves long, soft strokes, as well as a series of light and rhythmic tapping strokes on various muscles. Swedish massage therapy works to relieve muscle tension, and it can be both energizing and very relaxing at the same time.

Another very popular massage type is deep tissue massage. This is perfect for sorting out stuff and painful trouble spots in your body. The therapist will use a series of slow strokes that focus pressure on specific tendons and muscles underneath the skin. It can be quite therapeutic as it is less rhythmic than other massages. It's also great for relieving chronic tension and muscle injuries.

Enjoying the Benefits

Many benefits to modern massage can help to treat a variety of ailments semicolon even those treated with prescription medicine. Massage therapy gives your body the ability to help naturally heal itself.

Some of the main benefits of modern massage therapy include:

  • It reduces stress
  • It releases endorphins
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It improves flexibility and joint range of motion
  • It relieves aches and pains
  • It improves the condition of the skin
  • It exercises and stretches weak muscles
  • It reduces depression and anxiety.

There is no such thing as too many massaging sessions. It’s good for mind, body and soul, making it the perfect activity to work into your weekly or monthly schedule. You can find a great massage therapist that you want to stick to, or you can try out a variety of therapists and different massage techniques until you find what works for you.

Modern massage therapy is used to improve your overall health. It’s a great stress reliever and allows you to release endorphins, a feel-good hormone that relaxes just about any tense body. That’s one of the main reasons people love to go for massages in London.

Choosing a Massage Therapy in London

You may have noticed plenty of different types of massages available – from Thai massage and Aromatherapy to Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone massages; we have you covered. We offer hundreds of listings in London, helping you to find the perfect massage therapist to work with.

Before you choose a specific massage style that is best for you, you need to ask yourself whether you want a massage simply for stress relief and relaxation who do you need symptom relief for a specific health condition? Before you book your massage, be sure to let your therapist know exactly what you are looking for to ensure that the style will be suitable for your needs. People often use more than one style, so don't be afraid to book multiple sessions with different massage therapists.

Whether you are looking for a full body massage, a deep tissue massage, or an exciting Thai massage, there is a wide variety of massage therapies available in London. Depending on your needs, you can work with a massage therapist regularly to ensure that you get not only the relaxation and stress relief you need for your busy lifestyle but also the health benefits that come with it. Gradually working on a sports injury, treating an injured back, or simply sorting out a muscle spasm is a great benefit.

Massage Me in London offers a comprehensive directory of massage services in London. You can browse our listings and find the perfect massage therapy services at an affordable price.

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