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Sante Massage and Foot Spa in London

Santé Massage and Foot Spa are situated on a small street which runs between Trafalgar and Leicester Square. The shop next door is also theirs and specializes in waxing, and they are happy to wax male customers. I went into the main reception for the massage at no29 and asked what the prices were and if a therapist was available. The receptionist told me it was £50 an hour and £30 for half an hour, but all the therapists were busy. She said she could start the massage for me, and when a therapist became available, they would take over. This was fine with me, and I paid £50 for one hour. My therapist/receptionist said her name was Ivy and took me to the waxing shop next door, and led me downstairs. The ceiling is very low as you enter the stairway. Proceed with caution! The room was big with two massage tables so you could go with your partner. I fancied a freshen-up, and Ivy showed me to the shower room, which was also very nice. She said she would pop back down in ten minutes, which was perfect for me. She handed me a towel and went back upstairs. The shower wasn't in a cubicle it was an open shower which was a nice change, and it was very powerful with good temperature control, which made a nice change.

I went into the room and chose the table furthest from the door. It was nice and comfortable, and I lay down and awaited Ivy's return. Ivy was soon back and asked how I would like my massage. I asked if she could do strong, and she said she could, so we went with that. After about a minute, I was lying there thinking, why is she the receptionist? Her massage skill was very good indeed, and she was putting in 100% effort. She was using her hands and her forearms to great effect. This was the best massage I'd had in a while. After about 30 minutes, Ivy said the other therapist should be free now, but I told her I wanted her to continue. She seemed pleased and carried on. The massage lasted exactly 60 minutes, and she asked if I would like another shower or if she could use a hot towel to clean the oil off. I opted for the latter, which was a very nice relaxing treatment. I asked Ivy if I could book with her again, and she said it would be ok. I can thoroughly recommend Sante and Ivy. On the way out, the waxing girl was there, and I asked for a price list. This may be a treatment for the futuresmiley


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