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Spa One Hotel Massage Spa in Bayswater

Spa one  is located on the lower ground floor of the Holiday Villa Hotel

I phoned to check if any one was free and was told I could see Lucia a Spanish therapist

You enter the hotel and walk straight towards the rear  There are stairs there that take you down to the spa entrance

To the right of this door is a hallway and on the wall is this sign

I was intrigued so googled Charlies    Looks an interesting placesmiley

Anyway I buzz the door and am let in.  I pay £50 for an hours massage and am told I can shower and use the sauna and have tea and water for this

Great value for Central London

I am shown to the changing room and given a sarong and clean towel

There's a shower and toilet and locker with a small bag to keep my valuables

I take a shower and head for reception. I am shown to my room where there is a glass of water and a sugary sweet waiting for me on a tiny Thai-style tray

I drink the water and skip the sweets and get comfortable. The massage couch is one of those that has a headrest extended from the table. Not a favourite of mine I must say, I much prefer the hole-in-the-table type

Lucia came in and started the massage. I could feel she hadn't been massaging that long but did have training

I'm sure a Wat Po-trained teacher had trained her

It was a very pleasant massage, and I think in years to come she will improve greatly

Lucia had good technique and energy  One thing I wasn't mad about was her use of elbows  I feel you cannot feel the pressure you exert when using an elbow and pain should not be part of any massage

After my massage, I headed for the sauna for 20 minutes  

Spa One was a great place to relax, and I would recommend  

I will try another therapist soon

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