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Table Shower Massage in London

Ping Wellness Centre is 1 minute walk from Earl's Court tube station  From the list on their window they offer a wide range of services

I paid £40 for a 30 minute Table shower massage.

The receptionist  led me downstairs to the Table shower room and showed me the locker for my clothes

This place is very big and much better quality than most of the London massage spas in this price band

I past maybe 6 massage rooms upstairs and more downstairs.There was also a sauna but it was not switched on

I put my clothes in the locker and lay down on the table.After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and after confirming I was ready my therapist entered the room

She introduced herself as Anna. I would guess Chinese and 20 something

She started by using the shower.This has an overhead part and also a hand held part like you would find in your bathroom

She made sure the water was a nice warm temperature before showering the back of my body

This was followed by four stages

First two I guess were different liquid soaps or cremes,then a salt based scrub applied with the exfoliating gloves and lastly honey


In between each stage I was washed down with the hand held shower

This really was a wonderful treatment. Anna had very soft hands and also used her arms to great effect

After my back was finished I turned and got the same treatment on the front

I must say this really is an exceptional treatment and Anna is a real expert

I will try and fit this in at least once a month. Well done Ping. A great service!!yes

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