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Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage in London

Wat Po is the original Thai medical and massage school.

It is here that the heritage of Thai wisdom in traditional medicine has been instructed and developed through a long and continually practical implementation.

Can I get a Wat Po massage in London?

Yes, you can :

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These therapists all learned their skills at the famous Wat Po massage schools.

What is Wat Po?

The Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School was opened in 1955 inside Wat Po. It is the first Thai Medical School that comes under the approval of the Thai Ministry of Education.


The school is famous worldwide, and the Thai and foreign students that graduate from the school participate in Thai Massage and enter into the spa business all over the world.

What courses do they offer?

If you have an interest in becoming a therapist or are just a keen amateur who enjoys massage the 30-hour General Thai Massage course is a must.

I did this course in Bangkok, offered at the Watpo School and Chetawan TM School.

It's a good idea to leave plenty of time on your first class day as the schools are quite hard to find.

This is what's involved

General Thai Massage Course - 30 Hours

This is the Thai massage class that is worldwide acknowledged as the Wat Po massage style.

You will start from basic to practical skills.

As a student you will be trained to do massage for relaxation, relieving muscular fatigue and pain, reducing tension and headaches, and regaining muscular and joints mobility.

Thai massage will help not only to stimulate the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system but also improve the body's immunity for long life.

You will also learn the places on the body where massage is a no-no.

The course lasts 5 days from 9 am till 4 pm; you will get a lunch break.


The course fee is around 9,500 baht  For the level of teaching you get, this is a bargain!

On your first day, you get a notebook, a detailed booklet with all the massage procedures you will learn, and also a detailed book of procedures.

Students will be from all over the world.

My class had Korean, French, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and, of course, Thai.

Lunchtime is great as outside there are many great places to eat.

The street food is amazing and there are many small stalls where you can sit outside while they cook your lunch in seconds.

The actual training is intense, it's no easy ride, the teachers are great and will help you when you need them.

They end up pairing students up, so you will get a massage partner to give and receive too!

If you manage to pass you will get a certificate which you should be very proud of.

This will give you a job as a therapist anywhere in the world.

When you have done the course and go for your next Thai massage you will know if your therapist has been trained at Wat Po.

You will recognize the moves you learned.

If you have an interest in massage, I cannot recommend this enough.

You should pack loose-fitting clothing with you.

The message you learn uses no oil and is done with the person you are massaging clothed.

You can give a massage lasting for two hours when you have done this course.

They do more advanced courses as well.

Watch this space.


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