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Tiger Balm For Massage

Tiger Balm is probably thought of as a Thai product but is, in fact, from China originally, first produced in the 1870s

It has been an effective remedy for aches and pains since then

It said that 80% of people that try it once re-use it. For a business, that's an amazing conversion rate

What does it consist of?

Tiger Balm's main ingredients are Camphor and Menthol

Camphor is a mild pain reliever.

Menthol is either manmade or made from the extracts of mint oil. 

This combination is used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain. This balm may also be rubbed into the chest to soothe congestion and relieve a cough caused by the flu or common cold.

There are two main types  Red and White.

 Red is for muscular aches and pains, and  White is for relieving tension headaches. 

Just a tiny amount will make a difference. It's powerful stuff!!

A word of warning  Always wash your hands after useyes, especially before using the toilet.crying

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